Welcome to my blog.


Hello, my name is Kelsey and this is my blog.

I previously had a blog called Burnt Cookie, but that was my blog when I was 22, and I’m 23 now and have become much more sophisticated and have outgrown Burnt Cookie.

That’s bit of a lie, but I do feel my direction in life has changed recently, so I decided to start fresh with a new blog.

Running on coffee might sound like this blog will be about someone who is very busy and run down who has to survive on coffee to make it through the day, well that is kind of the case, but what I really mean by the title Running on Coffee is that my favourite types of runs are the ones I’ve had after a lovely coffee. That’s right; this is going to be yet another running/fitness blog with the occasional coffee post thrown in for fun.


Me in my finest running gear. Can you tell I like pink?

I’m still quite new to fitness; I started getting into it more seriously in January as one of my new year’s resolutions. Unlike all the other years I have made resolutions, I have managed to stick to mine this year and have so far lost over 47 pounds, ran/jogged/crawled my first 5k, tried a million exercise classes and learnt how to cook.

I’ll be sharing my journey with you as a fitness n00b and my success, and more often my failures.

Oh, and I don’t really drink that much coffee, maybe one cup a week to keep it a naughty treat.