Workout Clothing Haul

Today I went to Westfield Stratford with my mum for a spot of shopping.

Our first stop was SweatShop, a specialist running shop.

ImageMy mum got fitted for a pair of running shoes as she has recently started running after seeing the positive effect it has had on me, I’m so proud of her for starting!

She is fairly neutral so settled for some Asics Cumulus which I think are very cute and I’m so jealous that they are purple, they make my running shoes look so ugly in comparison! 
Whilst being fitted for shoes the sales assistant also custom made my mum some insoles, this is something they obviously have to push on every customer who is fitted for shoes, but my mum actually really liked the insoles and purchased them too.
The selection of running shoes in SweatShop is amazing, and I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t go there for my first pair of running shoes as they had a great variety of brands and a lot of very pretty shoes (pink and purple)! My current shoes I got in the Asics sale and they are white, yellow and blue. Not very me but I really should stop complaining about them because they fit and perform so well for me.

ImageObviously I had to get myself something, and what with the weather starting to turn cold I decided to pick up some running tights because I don’t actually own any that fit (the downside to loosing weight). 
These are Adidas and they are incredibly comfortable. They have zips at the bottom near the ankle and a small pocket at the back. They where £35 which I think is a decent price as they seem great quality and are very comfortable. 

ImageThe last item I got in SweatShop was a Shock Absorber sports bra. Sports bras are pretty much a necessity and are self explanatory, but as I mentioned earlier I have lost a bit of weight so my bra size has changed which means I have to buy new ones.
I’ve heard great things about Shock Absorber bras so can’t wait to try it out!

Next up we went to Forever 21 who have recently added a active wear range that is very cute and affordable so I decided to check out.


I picked up these leggings which I am absolutely in love with and think they look so cute.
I am a huge mint fan so the colour really appeals to me. They had plenty of other colours too such as coral and blue, but the size selection in the shop wasn’t amazing.
Once again they has a small zip pocket on the back, but the quality of the material is not as high as the Adidas ones I purchased, but I really can’t complain for £18.75.
One thing that does slightly concern me about these leggings is that I am worried the seams might rub, especially seeing as the coloured stripe goes across my knee, but we will see after my first run in them!
Another word of warning, these run quite small. I’m a size 10-12 (the Adidas ones are a size 10) and these are a medium and feel smaller and tighter than the Adidas pair.


My mum picked up these pair for herself. They are the same material as my pair but have a nice thick waist band and pockets at the side and where £18.75, not a bad price and the quality seems decent.

So overall quite a successful shopping trip. I regret not picking up a waterproof jacket whilst I was out but hey, you live and you learn!

Speaking of living and learning, apologies for the pictures, I promise next time I will actually put on shoes, maybe some make up, learn how to pose and not take them next to the clothes horse which makes my garden look like a junk yard, it’s not I promise! 

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