Getting back on the pole!

Besides running, my favourite form of exercise is one that can be seen as quite controversial, it is pole dancing.

I started pole dancing in February of this year with a 6 week beginner course and fell in love. After that I continued on to level 2, which was once again a 6 week course.
My instructor doesn’t run courses over the summer holidays, probably due to the fact that so many people go away and would miss lessons, which is a smart idea but meant over the course of the summer holidays I didn’t have a pole course to attend.
I had the occasional private lesson and did a aerial hoop course to keep me going but it just wasn’t the same.



Last night was the first lesson of my new course, level 3, and it was absolutely amazing.
I managed to nail every move and even got a move that I have been struggling with (the Teddy) for 3 months on the first attempt last night which left me feeling awesome.

I think the break definitely helped because everything just seemed to click and I felt a lot more comfortable in the moves.
It was also lovely seeing my friends from the previous course, I love running by myself but sometimes it is great to work out with others, not to mention more motivating!

For anyone who is thinking of trying pole dancing as a workout I would definitely encourage you to try out. It is great for women and men, of all shapes and sizes, I hear all the time about women wanting to get a bit stronger/slimmer before they go, there is no need for that, you will get strong through pole and will have a great time doing it. It has also given me a ton of confidence, before pole I don’t think I would have ever been comfortable prancing around in a sports bra and hot pants, now it doesn’t faze me in the slightest because no one is judgemental and it’s such a supportive group of people.

I might do weekly posts on my classes if people are interested about hearing them? Such as what moves I’ve struggled with and which ones I’ve mastered, after all, sharing is caring!