My first run in the rain

I started running in May, and because of poor shoe choices leading to constant injuries I was only running once a week, generally at the weekend and was lucky enough to avoid the worst of the rain. Fast forward to today and I am running 3-4 times a week, it’s turning dark and miserable and unfortunately we are having a very wet Autumn, but I had managed to avoid the most of the rain, until Friday.

On Fridays I love going to Costa, grabbing a coffee and celebrating the end of the week with a nice relaxing run. The skies had been lovely and clear all day until the moment I stepped out of Costa with my skinny iced hazelnut latte when the downpour started.
It started off light so I was hopeful that by the time I got off the tube the rain would’ve stopped, but of course that wasn’t the case. Walking up from the underground all I could see was dark grey skies and rain. Not just any rain, but huge great big drops and I knew that it wasn’t going to let up any time soon, but I had already had my coffee (I only treat myself to coffee if I’m going to run) so I was committed to this run, that and I knew I had to get used to running in the rain as the weather is only going to get worse from now, no fair weather runner here!


A bit damp after the run…

I went home, got changed, had bit of a panic over what to wear as I don’t actually have any water resistant clothes, settled on a pair of long tights and a long sleeve top, grabbed the dog and was out the door before I had a chance to talk myself out of it.

I’m using the Zombies, Run! app still and it informed me after 4 minutes that I had done my first km, seems the rain completely threw off the GPS! Apart from that hiccup at the start the rest of the run was actually pretty easy going at a leisurely pace and managed 7.91km in 48 minutes according to zombies, but I think it was more around the 7km mark.

The rain definitely adds to the zombie apocalypse atmosphere of the app, but it also made me feel a bit epic and Rocky-esque. It also helped keep me cool and I’m very glad I didn’t accept the offer of borrowing my mums waterproof jacket because it was heavy and I would’ve been drenched not just with the rain but with sweat.

The downsides to running in the rain is stepping in the massive ankle deep that made my last 1/4 of the run a bit uncomfortable, being cold when you get in from the run, soggy knickers and of course having to wash my hair! I also had a lot of issues with my glasses fogging up and having to wipe the rain off them every so often, so if any other glasses wearers out there have any tips for me they would be hugely appreciated.

The first run in the rain is done, I have a water resistant running jacket on it’s way in the post to me so bring on all the bad weather! Let me know about your first run in the rain experiences and if you enjoyed it.