Running Wish List

Like most people, I like to fantasise once in a while about all the things I could buy if I won the lottery, so I thought I would make a little wish list and share it with everyone in the hopes that someone will like me enough to buy me everything (kidding!) maybe someone will find it interesting, or maybe it will just be something pretty for me to look at and dream about.


1. Sweatty Betty Zero Gravity Run Tights  – Sweaty Betty is a brand I always find performs well, and I absolutely love anything galaxy print so these running tights are a no brainer for me, unfortunately the £85 price tag stops me from snapping them up straight away, fingers crossed they go into the next sale!

2. Pro Compression Marathon Pink Argyle Socks – Pro Compression are a US site and have some of the cutest compression socks. It seems we don’t get much selection over here in the UK, I would love these pink argyle ones to help me look cute when recovering from long runs.

3. SPI HiViz Running Belt – I don’t own any running belts, and seeing as my plan is to run a half marathon next year I’ve been advised to get one to put gels in, and this one is pink, what more can I ask for! It looks quite small but apparently it can fit a phone and up to 5 gels in it, it’s also Hi Viz which is useful for me because I run after work, often in the dark.

4. A BIC Band – I’m a massive fan of Skinny Runner and she always posts about her cute bands from BIC bands, a non slip headband designed by athletes for athletes and now I am seriously lusting after one, in particular the pink glittery one, and maybe a chevron one too. I always run with a headband, but if I can co ordinate it with my outfit that would be even better!

5. Asics GT – 2000 – I currently run in a pair of Asics GT 2000 and I love them so will definitely consider getting them again after my current ones wear out. I love the black and pink colour scheme, it’s very me and would fit in with the rest of my accessories.

6. Garmin Forerunner 10 – Sometimes the GPS on my phone isn’t all that reliable, plus when you are abroad it would cost a fortune to use a app to track my run, so the Garmin Forerunner 10 seems like a great entry level GPS watch perfect for my current needs.

So that is everything! Can you tell I like pink much? Such a stereotype… Anyway, what is on your current money is no object wish list?