I’ve Entered My First Half Marathon!

Having barely conquered the 10km distance (I’ve run it once), I thought it would be a brilliant idea to sign up for a half marathon.

I did a little bit of research over which one to go for, my requirements being a relatively flat course, nice scenery and at a location where I wanted to visit, which has led me to the Brighton half marathon in February!

ImageI am running on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support (you can sponsor me here if you would like 🙂 ) and I’m really happy that my first half marathon is for charity. There is very little I can do in my day to day job to help people, so if I can train myself to run and get people to sponsor me for it, than that’s even better!

I have roughly 19 weeks to go from running 10km to running 21km, which I am hoping is enough time. My little cobbled together plan is to have one long run on the weekend, adding a km to my distance each week, with 3 shorter (4-10km) in the week. One of the shorter runs I will be using the Zombie chases on the Zombies, Run! App, my version of speed work. Basically in the app it will tell you at random points that zombies are chasing you and you will need to increase your speed by 20% to get away from them. The other two runs in the week will either be hard or easy, depending on how I feel. Hopefully this will get me to my target!

ImageI’ve already booked my hotel, planned what restaurants I want to go for my post race lunch, post race dessert and post race dinner, can you tell I’m more than a bit excited?

Next up is to try and figure out this whole fuelling thing, with the gels and the chews etc. This should be interesting to say the least…

I’ll be blogging about my half marathon training, so if you’re after laughing at someone’s failures, because I’m sure there will be many of them, then stay tuned!

And if you have any hints/tips they would be very welcome, thank you!

Oh and one last not, my goal is to be able to run it in 2 hours and 40 minutes!