Through the Postbox

One thing I really enjoy seeing on other blogs is what they have purchased or received in the post, although it normally ends up making me want to purchase stuff I don’t need… Anyway, I enjoy other peoples posts so much I’ve decided to do my own! So here is what has come through my postbox in the past month or so.

ImageFirst up is some running gels. If you read my blog regularly you may have seen that I’ve signed up for my first half marathon. Lots of reading has shown me that I need some sort of fuel for my longer runs and that these should be tested out in advance to avoid getting the runs on your run (sorry poor taste I know!) so I opted for a selection of flavours and brands to see which ones work for me.


ImageNext up is some BIC Bands. BIC Bands are non slip headbands designed by runners for runners. I originally saw these on Skinny Runner’s blog and thought they looked amazing. I love the selection they have and it definitely adds a feminine touch to my running outfit.
The purple one is a gift for my mum who recently started running so I can show her how proud I am of her. Her trainers are purple so I got the purple band to match and hopefully encourage her to keep it up.



A few weeks ago I had my first run in heavy rain. As much as I found it fun, I got soaked and definitely wasn’t prepared so I ordered this Nike Cyclone water resistant jacket. When it arrived I was so impressed at how stylish it looks on, the middle panel is actually see through and it’s pink! Although obviously since I got it it hasn’t rained since…




Chobani where kind enough to send me a box of their yoghurt to try in their new 4 packs. Chobani is massive on the health/fitness blogging scene at the moment, but in case you haven’t come across it before, it’s Greek yoghurt. They have a original plain flavour, and also flavoured varieties, the majority of which are fat free The strawberry one was my favourite by far, but they where all delicious too. I’ve seen in the US they have a coconut flavour, I can’t wait for that one to make it’s way over here!


 Lastly we have some protein from MyProtein. They had a offer on (they always run offers so you are best off waiting for a good one before ordering) so I placed a large order for my boyfriend and I. 
The very large bag at the back is 5kg of unflavoured protein for my boyfriend, then the three bags at the front are mine. I got the 250g pouches in strawberry, chocolate mint and cookie dough. I prefer the smaller size pouches because they are cheap and I prefer to have a variety of flavours rather than having to stick to one and getting bored to death of it.

So there we have it, the first through the postbox post. Let me know what you think and if you like these types of posts, and if like me they encourage you to spend money when you really shouldn’t!