Half Marathon Training – Week 2

Here we have it, week two of my half marathon training! I’ve decided to add in what other workouts I do in the week as well as an attempt to look less lazy…


Trying to show off my sparkly BIC Band, it matches my top!

Monday – Rest day. I had originally planned to go for a run on this day, but my boyfriend called me up at 4pm and asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner in the city, we never go for dinner together so I jumped on the offer!

Tuesday – Crossfit. We practised the olympic lift, clean and snatch, as well as the usual squats etc.

Wednesday – Run 1. Distance – 6.28km Time – 46:36 Pace – 7:25
I ran this with Phoebe. This is one of those runs that feel slow and sluggish. My music playlist wasn’t working well for me either, it kept throwing up slow pop song after pop song. I love a bit of pop but it just wasn’t motivating me today.

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Private aerial hoop/pole lesson. Lovely lesson, just me and my instructor. Haven’t done hoop for about a month, nice to see how much stronger I’ve got. Attempted the front drop for the first time, that was nerves wrecking!

Saturday – Run 2. Distance – 7.46km Time – 50.68 Pace – 6.51
This was meant to be my long run, I was aiming for 12km. It started off really well, the weather was great and I felt relatively at ease. I managed to do my first 5k in 32:40 which I was so happy with, it’s my fastest 5k to date.
The first 5k was run all in the forest, most of which was lovely. There is a nice flat field in which you see a lot of dog walkers and I like to do a couple of laps around before heading to the streets. I’m not the only runner who seems to like that spot it seems, I ended up behind a slightly older man, he was going slow so I overtook him, only for him to decide to sprint past me then slow back down in front of me, he also shouted at a dog walker for letting the dog get in his way so I didn’t fancy trying to overtake him again, some people seriously! Anyway, the 5k was completed, I was feeling great, then all of a sudden I got the worst pain in the right side of my stomach. The pain was so bad I thought I was going to be sick. I slowed down to a walk but I could feel that I was staggering, I must’ve look like I was drunk. It hurt so much I actually had to call my mum and ask her to pick me up because I couldn’t physically move for the pain. It lasted for a couple of hours and then went. Has anyone experienced anything like that before? It sucks I couldn’t get my distance, but at least my 5k time made me feel better.


Finally got to try out my new water resistant running jacket!

Sunday – Pole show rehearsals. Run 3. Distance 5.01km Time 33:00 Pace 6.35
It was absolutely pouring down with rain but Phoebe dog needed to be walked so we went for a run. I got to the 2km mark and realised my timing was as good as my previous run, despite all the hills I was running which made me feel awesome. This run was lovely, it felt easy and I felt strong when running despite the rain and all the good tracks on my playlist got played. Felt great afterwards, albeit a bit soggy. Does anyone else like running in the rain as much as I do?

Week total distance – 18.75
Weeks until half marathon – 18

So another week over, another week of not meeting goals which is annoying, but you can’t help injury I suppose! I have a new plan for next week, I am going to try running home from the overground station after work so I will let you know how that goes and whether or not I can stand a backpack slamming up and down against my back….