Review – BIC Bands

If you saw my through the postbox post you may have seen that I finally got myself some very gorgeous BIC bands.


For those of you who haven’t heard of BIC Bands, they are very cute and fashionable non-slip headbands designed by runners for runners. BIC actually stands for because I can, which I think straight away gives away the companies ethos.

I picked up the pink sparkle, the purple sparkle and the pink chevron. The purple sparkle was actually a present for my mum and she loves it.
Personally I think the sparkle headbands are BIC Bands best product. It sounds silly but I just feel like they add a little touch of glamour to a running outfit, and it’s a great way to add a bit of personality to a running outfit which can be a bit on the boring side. The printed BIC Bands are lovely too, and they have so many fun designs but it is the sparkle ones that really stand out to me and I’m looking to purchase more of the different colours in the future.


Pink Chevron BIC Band

Performance wise, they do everything they say on the tin. Before BIC bands I used a Sweaty Betty Band that had a rubberised part on the inside and thought that worked well enough, despite the fact that I would have to re arrange it every 20 minutes or so. With BIC Bands they have a velveteen inside part and I find these bands do not budge AT ALL during a run which is great because I am a tad uncoordinated so trying to run and adjust a hairband at the same time isn’t always the easiest task…
The bands also come in three different sizes, so if you have ever had problems with headbands being too tight or loose BIC Bands will have a size to fit you.

If you aren’t completely sold yet on BIC Bands, then here are a couple more points.
The bands are made in America so you know the workers are being paid a fair wage and every month BIC Bands choose a different charity and part of every sale gets donated to that charity, lovely.

The bands range in cost from around £5.50 to £10 which is a fair price, my Sweaty Betty rubberised headband cost £8 but doesn’t perform as well. One thing to note though is shipping is from America, so if you are UK based like me this will bump up the costs, and be warned, I got stung with customs charges making each of the band I ordered around the £15 mark, which is a fair bit so if you have quite a few runner friends consider doing a group order so you can split the cost of customs and postage.


Matching my fuchsia pink BIC Band to my top!

This probably sounds like a gushing love letter to BIC Bands, which I apologise for, but I just love it when a product performs so well and looks so cute! I am waiting to see what they have in store with Christmas designs and then I will definitely be looking to make my next purchase… ALL THE SPARKLES!

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