Half Marathon Training – Week 3

Another week where I aim for four runs and only end up with three. I had a run planned for Sunday, but by the end of my show rehearsals I felt way too exhausted to even get dressed for the run. I’ve been light headed all day so I’m very glad I listened to my body and didn’t go for a run!
I’ve also been trying commuter running of sorts. To get home from work I have to get a underground train and a overground train. I often have to wait 15 minutes for the overground train so I decided instead of waiting for the train, a few times a week I will just run from the station. So far so good, but expect a more detailed post on it soon!


Monday – Run 1. Distance – 4.31km Time – 28.53 Pace – 6:41
This was my first run home from the station. Despite the hordes of people on the high street it went quite quickly and I was home before I even knew it so I added on another KM.

Tuesday – Crossfit. Strength training was push press, max weight for 3 reps, skill was pistol squats and WOD was a ladder of pull ups and kettle bell lunges.

Wednesday – Run 2. Distance – 5.35km Time – 36:18 Pace – 6:47
Second run commute. Got stuck at more traffic lights than my first run so it didn’t flow as nicely. My quads where also in agony after Tuesday’s cross fit class, I probably should’ve taken this day as a rest day.

Thursday – Pole dancing class.

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – Run 3. Distance – 10km Time – 1:08:36 Pace – 6:52
This was the Spooky Sprint, my first 10k race! Expect a full race report soon.

Sunday – Show rehearsals.

Week total distance – 19.66km
Weeks until half marathon – 17

Next week is my show as well and I am working at comic con on Sunday so running is having to take a back seat next week which sucks.

If you didn’t know, I am training for the Brighton half marathon in February and I am running it on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. If you would like to sponsor me you can do so here, it would mean the world to me!