Half Marathon Training – Week 4

This week failed, failed with a capital F.
I had the show this week so there were a lot of practises for that, and I cosplayed at comic con on Saturday and worked at comic con all day Sunday. If you’ve ever been to a comic con you know that you’re on your feet all day which was pretty exhausting and I did not have the energy to go for a run.


Monday – Run 1. Distance – 5.31km Time – 35:41 Pace – 6:43
This was my run commute home. I had lost my earphone cover and there was just lots of people in the street. I didn’t enjoy this run sadly.

Tuesday – Run 2. Distance – 3.40km Time – 22:27 Pace – 6:36
A puny distance. This was also a run commute but my legs felt heavy and my chest was tight. I probably should’ve taken today as a rest day, but I knew this was my last chance to get a run in.

Wednesday – Show dress rehearsals.

Thursday – 1 hour pole class, 1 hour aerial hoop class

Friday – Final show rehearsal and the show itself!

Saturday – Rest (comic con)

Sunday – Rest (comic con)

Week total distance – 8.71km
Weeks until half marathon – 16

As you can see I only managed two runs which is pretty pathetic. I was still quite active but I am definitely getting  a bit worried about getting in the miles. Now the show is over hopefully I can get in some more training.

If you didn’t know, I am training for the Brighton half marathon in February and I am running it on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. If you would like to sponsor me you can do so here, it would mean the world to me!