Half Marathon Training – Week 5

This weeks half marathon training was a lot more successful, and I actually managed to increase my mileage, go me!

ImageMonday – Rest day

Tuesday – Crossfit. WOD was 15 thrusters, 15 box jumps, 15 pull ups for 4 rounds as quick as you can.

Wednesday – Run 1.  Distance – 9.9km Time – 1:04:35 Pace – 6:31
This was my first run in seven days so I decided to grab a coffee after work and attempt a long run. I am so happy with how this run turned out, it felt easy and so enjoyable. I got through two missions of Zombies Run including the penultimate mission which almost encouraged me to keep running but I was pretty tired by the last km and my backpack was rubbing slightly. Commuter long runs for the win!

Thursday – 1 hour pole class, 1 hour aerial hoop class

Friday – Rest day, was planning to run, ended up having a bad day and sulking instead.

Saturday – Run 2. Distance – 12.65km Time – 1:24:72 Pace – 6:41
When I mapped this run using Map My Run it actually said 12.96km, I’ll stick to what Zombies Run has logged, either way this is still the furthest distance I have managed and I’m so happy with it.
When I started the run I felt like I was really slow and like I was plodding along, but I hit my first km at a good time. Half the time I felt slow and ploddy, the other half I felt bouncy and fast like I was made from elastic.
This was a lovely run in great weather that left me feeling a lot more confident about being able to complete the half marathon.

Sunday – Show Rehearsals. Run 3. Distance – 3.62km Time – 26:18 Pace – 7:15
Rehearsals for the Christmas show have already started, it’s never ending!
As for the run, it was pretty awful. I thought I would take my dog out for a nice slow jog, she was very reluctant and I was pretty much dragging her along. After cutting the run short I took her home and realised she was limping slightly, she is terrified of fireworks which has made her leg seize up a bit and made me feel terrible. She got lots of strokes to help make her feel better.

Week total distance – 26.17km
Weeks until half marathon – 15

This week has definitely made me feel like I might actually be able to do the half, and it’s nice to finally have a week where I have increased my mileage!
Once I hit 15km I think I will finally feel more confident in my training and stop stressing as much.

If you didn’t know, I am training for the Brighton half marathon in February and I am running it on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. If you would like to sponsor me you can do so here, it would mean the world to me!