Review – SOLE Custom Footbeds

I have been interested in custom insoles ever since I read on Skinny Runners blog that she loves her custom fit pair, so when I was offered the chance to try some for myself I jumped at the opportunity.


Insoles from my Asics GT 2000, well used.

Custom insoles are designed to help prevent injuries by adding support to where you need it. Despite having a higher than average foot arch I overpronate so if I don’t wear shoes with a bit of extra structure and support I end up with pain in my right ankle that quite often leaves me only being able to run once a week whilst I recover.
I now have shoes that fit that were properly fitted, Asics GT 2000, and I am very happy with them but I still get a tiny bit of ankle discomfort on longer runs which I hoped insoles would stop.


SOLE Thinsulate Custom Footbeds

I have been trying out the SOLE Thinsulate footbeds for a couple of weeks. You can mould them to the shape of your feet by heating them up in the oven on the lowest heat for 2 minutes which is what I did or you can mould them to your feet just by wearing them running.

On my first run, a 5km commuter run, they made my shoes feel very tight and rigid, however when I first tried my Asics the extra structure made them feel quite similar too, especially compared to the Nike Frees I was wearing before! By the end of the run I could still feel there was extra support in my shoes, but they were very comfortable.

I’ve also tried the SOLE footbeds on one of my longer weekend runs and amazingly enough there were no ankle twinges! This may have been psychological but the shoes where very comfortable and I also felt they provided a bit more cushioning on the hard pavement making for a very comfortable run.


My SOLE Custom Footbeds after heat moulding

The SOLE Thinsulate model are as the name suggests, insulated footbeds which is great for the upcoming cold months. They are also moisture wicking which is great for runners who suffer with sweaty feet.

I would definitely recommend trying out a pair of SOLE custom footbeds, everyones feet are different so it’s great that these can be moulded to the individuals feet to try and make your run as comfortable and injury free as possible.

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