Christmas Coffee Series – Costa Salted Caramel Latte

The good thing about having a blog with coffee in the title means that I feel like I can get away with trying lots of different coffees as long as I blog about them.

Christmas brings about lots of new festive drinks from the likes of Costa and Starbucks so I am going to try them all out and let you know my thoughts on them.

Just a note before we get started, I take my coffee skinny with no cream.

First up we have the salted caramel latte from Costa.


Bonus points to Costa for having such cute cups!

I am a massive fan of salted caramel so naturally this was my first choice and it was definitely the right one to start with!

I generally prefer Costa to Starbucks because I find the coffee to be stronger, although sometimes it can be a bit bitter, not the case in this coffee at all. It was very smooth and mellow, I even want to describe it as being buttery because it was so easy to drink, but didn’t taste of butter if that makes any sense?

I tried a tiny bit of the syrup that was on the lid of the coffee cup and was surprised to find it tasted a lot like salted caramel, I was very impressed because I’ve tried a salted caramel hot chocolate before and thought it tasted no different to a normal hot chocolate.

Despite it being caramel, the salt in it stops it from being too sickly sweet, although you definitely don’t need to add any sugar to this drink.

It also tastes a lot different to the caramel latte which I’m impressed with, I feel like sometimes they just rebrand regular drinks as new limited edition festive drinks.


After drinking this coffee I managed to run my furthest distance so far, although that may not be a direct result of the coffee, it will definitely make me associate good runs with this latte,

Score: 4.5/5 – A really enjoyable mellow coffee which I think can easily be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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