Half Marathon Training – Week 6

After last week’s really successful training, obviously this week was doomed to be bad, and it was. Actually it was worse then bad, it was awful.
I managed to get out and run, wait for it….. ONCE! Brilliant. I was sick as a dog all week, so sick that I ended up missing pole dancing and aerial hoop which is my favourite thing in the world, that’s how you know I’m not well. The one run I did manage though, I made sure counted!


Disgusting, but true.

Monday – Sick day

Tuesday – Crossfit. WOD was 10 man makers, 10 sit ups, 8 man maker, 15 sit ups, 6 man makers, 20 sit ups, 4 man makers, 25 sit ups, 2 man makers, 30 sit ups for time. I don’t even want to talk about how hard it was/how sore it made me for days!

Wednesday – Sick day, so sick I couldn’t even make it to work.

Thursday – Sick day

Friday – Sick day

Saturday – Run 1. Distance – 15.02km Time – 1:38:58 Pace – 6:35
My only run, a seriously pleasant one and my furthest distance so far! I had a lovely pre run breakfast of half a cinnamon and raison bagel topped with peanut butter and the seriously delicious salted caramel latte which I think definitely helped get me in the right frame of mind for the run.
Despite planning my route beforehand on map my run, I managed to get a little bit lost and see someone get arrested which definitely helped spice things up a bit!
The run itself felt pretty amazing until the last couple of KM, I had been running in the rain for the most part and realised at 13k that my lips where going numb because of the cold and rain so the last couple of km where bit of a struggle as I had started to get a bit sore, but apart from that a great run that has left me feeling like yes, I can do this half marathon!

Sunday – Show rehearsals

Week total distance – 15.02km
Weeks until half marathon – 14

Feeling very confident about being able to run the full half now, maybe I should actually start to do some speed work? Or not… Fingers crossed I feel better this week so I can get back on track with my workouts.

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