Choosing and entering my second half marathon

I’m not sure what came over me but last week I thought it would be clever to enter my second half marathon, without having actually completed my first one….

After seeing how quickly some half marathons sell out I decided that I wanted to try and get a couple more booked in for Spring next year before I miss my chance.

I did quite a bit of research and the 3 that took my fancy the most where Surrey, Reading and Cambridge.

Unfortunately Cambridge was sold out (what I’m trying to avoid!). Cambridge looks like a gorgeous picturesque city which is why I wanted to run it but you know, being sold out and all that means it’s not the one for me!

My second choice was Reading. I’ve heard that it’s a good one to get a PB on because it’s a flat easy course, but then I read Be Pretty Fit’s review of it which put me right off. Basically it just sounds very grey with the route going through lots of residential areas. I don’t think I can deal with a boring run, which put the Reading half on the “maybe but probably not” list.

I then saw someone on twitter mention the Surrey half, which piqued my interest. I was a tiny bit worried because I lived in Guildford for a year and thought the course might be a bit hilly, but the lovely Stephanie assured me it’s not.
It’s also the  inaugural half marathon which definitely tempted me into signing, I think it will be great to be part of the first half marathon.
I know the area is pretty too, and my boyfriend would enjoy visiting Surrey for the day as he still has lots of friends there so I signed up!


The Surrey half is three weeks after the Brighton half. Considering Brighton is the first half marathon I will be running, signing up for one so soon after probably wasn’t my best idea ever, but I’m sure I’ll survive. Maybe. Hopefully, because I fly to Japan for my holiday the next week…

Is anyone else doing the Surrey half? What is on your criteria for picking races?

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