Christmas Coffee Series – Costa Gingerbread Latte

The second seasonal coffee I decided to try was the gingerbread and cream latte from Costa.

As usual I asked for a small skinny without cream, but if you go for the full fat version you will find a little gingerbread man nestled in the cream. Gingerbread is a flavour they offer all year round so I think the gingerbread man is the only thing that makes it special for Christmas.


Bagels and coffee, the breakfast of champions

The flavour of coffee is a lot stronger in this latte than it is in the salted caramel latte. The gingerbread syrup is lovely, not overly spicy but enough to be warming and give the coffee a very festive taste, it’s quite a subtle flavour and as I mentioned this only helps enhance the strong coffee flavour.

Once again this coffee isn’t overly sweet, but I definitely wouldn’t add any sugar to it.


Score – 3.5/5 A pleasant enough coffee with a nice gingerbread warming flavour, but the fact that this coffee is available all year round makes it feel a lot less special and quite average. If you are getting the coffee with cream and the gingerbread man on top I’m sure it would bump it up to a 4/5.

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