How I make Monday’s a little more bearable

Despite the fact that I love my job, like most of the population I still can’t help but dread Monday’s. Recently I have been adding a few things to my routine to help make Monday’s a little more bearable, and dare I even say it, enjoyable!

Firstly, on Monday morning I change my bed sheets, there is nothing nicer than fresh clean sheets to start the week off right.

After work I treat myself to a nice skinny coffee from Costa or Starbucks. I don’t visit coffee shops that often so I can still think of it as a treat when I do. Normally I will get a skinny iced hazelnut latte, but at the moment the salted caramel latte is definitely appealing to me. I drink this coffee on the train journey home.


When I get to my overground station I skip the overground train and run from it instead (I change into my running gear before I leave work). It’s 3.5km from the overground station to my house but I like to tack on a few more km to make my run at least 9km, this is also where the caffeine from the coffee comes in handy!

The last step in my Monday morning routine is to apply a face mask and have a nice relaxing bath. I like to pretend the bath is helping relax my muscles and I like to use a deep cleansing face mask after a run to declog my pores, I get paranoid that sweating opens them up and lets them get clogged by all the gunk in the environment.

bath with Lush products

I then like to slip into some clean flannel PJs, preferably Christmas themed at this time of the year but this step is optional.

christmas flannel pjs

So that’s my Monday routine. I start my week by getting a nice long run out of the way so I go to bed feeling virtuous from the run, relaxed from the bath and super snuggly from the clean sheets. Not only is this something to look forward to but it also helps me have a great night’s sleep.  Is there anything you do to help get through Monday’s?

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