Christmas Coffee Series – Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte

Finally we have the first Starbucks coffee in the Christmas coffee series!

After much careful deliberation, and asking on twitter, I decided on the toffee nut latte because I was having the coffee pre run and thought that the eggnog latte might be a bit too creamy and heavy to have before running.


Costa definitely win’s in the best takeaway cups category

So how was it? Pretty delicious!

I have said before that I think Costa coffee tastes stronger, but the coffee taste in the toffee nut latte was nice and strong, like the gingerbread latte the syrup in this drink helps enhance the flavour of the coffee, although it is a tiny bit bitter tasting.

It definitely tastes nutty and sweet, but I didn’t get any strong toffee flavour.

As I was drinking the coffee I kept thinking to myself how much I was enjoying it and how nice it tasted, which is always a good thing!

Score – 4/5 A very tasty and enjoyable coffee with a nice strong nutty coffee taste. It’s also quite sweet, more so than the gingerbread latte, less so than the salted caramel latte.

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