Dynamic Stretch at Frame Shoreditch

As someone who does a lot of aerial arts, flexibility is key in getting into some of the positions and making them look prettier. As a runner, stretching my muscles is key to preventing injuries.
I know a lot of runners turn to yoga for this, but after trying a disastrous class in my local council gym and being overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types of yoga on offer in London (and baulking at the price of some of them) I have instead turned to stretch classes.

Dynamic stretch frame shoreditchI originally tried the two hour splits workshop at Frame in Shoreditch and absolutely love it so I decided to give Dynamic Stretch a go which is one of their regular classes.

The class is run by a lovely little red headed lady, who is a super bendy Wendy and has a lot of enthusiasm for the class. She speaks loudly and clearly and will come over to help get you deeper in the stretch or correct your position if you are wrong. She is a fabulous instructor and makes everything look so easy.

It’s a one hour class and despite it being a stretch class, it will get you quite sweaty. Instead of holding a certain position for minutes at a time you tend to go through sequences, much like you do in yoga, working on different parts of the body. Some of the movements you do hold for longer, but as the name Dynamic Stretch implies, you are moving for the most part.

Music is played in the background, but nowhere near as loud as it was in the Barre class I attended at Frame. It was the perfect volume, loud enough for you to notice it but not loud enough drown out the instructors instructions. The music is upbeat pop style, which I found quite uplifting, some of the music that you associate with yoga irritates me rather than relaxes me!

Because the class is at 8:30 it was a very small class, there was only five of us in total so it definitely felt like a good value for money class because we all got individual attention as the instructor corrected us or moved us around.

After the class I left feeling lovely and limber, and also quite relaxed which was a nice bonus. I could definitely feel like all my muscles had been stretched out and even felt it the next day when I was walking up the stairs.

I think the late time of Dynamic Stretch is probably my one niggle with the class. It runs on Tuesday at 8:30 for a hour, so it means hanging around after work for a couple of hours and getting home really late, but it did leave me feeling quite serene and I was able to go straight home to bed and fall asleep quickly.

I couldn’t recommend this class more if you are looking for a great way to stretch and improve your flexibility that isn’t yoga. I want to try and attend at least one of these stretch style classes a week, the other stretch class Frame offer is Bend it Like Barbie, which sounds fab and is more static stretching and partner work. If there is another splits workshop I’ll be all over that like a rash too, the workshop is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve took part in in ages.

I’m not giving up on yoga quite yet though, so if you would like to recommend me a style and place to do it that would be very helpful, specifically a style that isn’t constantly in downwards dog because it destroys my shoulders!

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