Review – CherryActive Concentrate

Cherryactive concentrate

For the past month I have been trying out CherryActive Concentrate, a cherry concentrate that you mix with water and drink daily. The concentrate contains 100% cherries with no added sugars, preservatives, flavourings or colourings and contains over 3000 cherries in a bottle!

The concentrate is full of antioxidants and claims to have benefits such as maintaining healthy joint function, keeping the cardiovascular system healthy, improving sleep patterns and muscle recovery, sounds very impressive and all of these benefits are great for runners, weight lifters and just about every other sports person really!

As I mentioned, I have been trying this out for the past month, so what do I think?

Well first off, I was slightly taken back by the taste and texture. This may sound stupid because despite the fact that I know this is 100% real cherries I expected the concentrate to be thick and syrupy and taste like the sweet Cherry Drops, obviously this wasn’t the case! The concentrate is the same consistency as water and mixed with water very easily and didn’t separate even when I left it for a while. The taste was definitely a true cherry taste, very rich and not overly sweet at all which I was a bit worried about, very pleasant and quite easy to drink.

Cherryactive concentrate

Now did I see any of the mentioned benefits? Well no not really, I think it has helped me recover from my weekend long runs slightly, but then again I haven’t had any trouble with my recovery before or sleep issues and I’m one of those people who never feels a massive difference when I start taking a multivit.

I think it’s worth giving CherryActive a go to see if you feel the benefits, and at just £27 from Chemist Direct it’s a lot cheaper than buying a months supply of cherries from Sainsbury’s when they are out of season!