Coffee Review – Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love my fancy coffee shop coffees, but what with Christmas opening hours and the shops not always being open over the holiday period I’ve had to find something that satisfies my coffee fix at home.

I’ve tried a few different instant coffees at home, and to be honest most of them taste like poop. I’ve also tried to make my own lattes before but I don’t have a milk steamer and to be honest I just don’t think I’m very good at making coffee.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee

When I saw Jimmy’s Iced Coffee in my local Tesco’s I was very excited. I have seen them mentioned a few times on Twitter and thought they could be the solution to my at home coffee problem because all I have to do is pour it into a glass, or in my case a ice filled Despicable Me plastic cup.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee comes in three different varieties, decaff, skinny and regular, not as much choice as Starbucks but still a good start! I opted for skinny because I always take my coffee with skimmed milk, it tastes just as good and I don’t really need all those extra calories from the milk.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee

The coffee itself was great, I was very impressed. It was smooth and went down a treat. The coffee taste was strong, but not overpowering, the perfect amount for a latte in my opinion. A seriously enjoyable coffee that I think I even enjoyed a bit more than the Starbucks iced vanilla latte! Not more than my beloved Costa iced hazelnut latte though…

At 118 calories for the carton, it’s perfect for me pre workout, which is good because I only treat myself to coffee when I am about to work out.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is available from Waitrose, Tesco, Whole Foods Market, Ocado, WHSmiths and a few of those petrol welcome break type places. This won’t replace my coffee shop treat coffee, but I will definitely have a few cartons of this stocked in the fridge for when I can’t get to Costa.