Coffee Review – Starbucks Vanilla Spice Latte

With Christmas gone so have my beloved Starbucks eggnog latte and Costa salted caramel latte, but to help us get over the loss of our favourite Christmas coffees, Starbucks have released a seasonal special, the vanilla spice latte.

Starbucks Vanilla Spice latte

I miss the red cups 😦

I was quite looking forward to trying this coffee, I pictured something sweet and creamy with a hint of spice to mix things up a bit, the reality was very different from what I imagined.

Instead of adding sweetness to this coffee, the vanilla just helps mellow out the coffee flavour so it goes down very easily. The spice is the main star in this latte, with a strong taste of cardamon, luckily this doesn’t completely overwhelm the coffee flavour and they work well to complement each other.

This is more what I expected the gingerbread latte to be like (if you read my review you will know that the gingerbread latte was a massive let down and pretty horrible), a nice spiced coffee that isn’t too overpowering. Unfortunatly, like the gingerbread latte they insist on sprinkling the spices on top as well which I wasn’t aware of. Nothing worse than getting to the end of a coffee to choke on random bits of spice, or to have to chew throughout your drink.

Spice flakes aside, this is a good tasting coffee and the flavours are a lot more balanced then they where in the gingerbread latte, however this drink just isn’t sweet enough for me so if you have a sweet tooth probably give this one a miss. Next up on my list to try is the caramel macchiato after a reader recommended it to me, this sounds like it will definitely satisfy the sweet tooth and I can’t believe i haven’t tried it before!