Through the postbox

It’s been a while since my last through the postbox, so I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff to share with you today. If you haven’t read one of my through the postbox posts before, basically I write about all the stuff I have received through my postbox that relates to fitness somehow. I personally love this style of posts because it always gives me ideas of new stuff to buy, although thats not necessarily a good thing…

Jimmys Iced Coffee

First up we have some Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. They were lovely enough to send me out a few cartons after I reviewed them on my blog, they know the skinny one is my favourite!
This iced coffee is so good, Starbucks quality at home and I can’t recommend them enough.

Gym Luxe Diamond Cut Leggings

 Oh gosh I didn’t realise how blurry this photo was, I’m sorry! Hopefully you can see how awesome these leggings are though. For Christmas I received a lot of money so I decide to splurge and get a pair of super nice leggings. I went for the diamond cut pair from Gymluxe and it was definitely the right choice. I love how they look, they perform really well and they are so comfortable. Beth Tweedle is currently sporting them in her training videos on Dancing on Ice!

Alethea Austin stretching for pole dancers

 As you probably know by now, I pole dance, but I am so inflexible so my moves don’t look as nice as they should do. Alethea Austin is one of my favourite pole dancers, she just oozes sex appeal and her flexibility is amazing. I read a lot of reviews for her DVD, she also has a pure splits DVD which I was tempted to get because I’m desperately trying to get my splits, but I went for her Stretching For Pole instead because she has a lot of back flexibility training in there too, and surprise surprise, my back is stiff as a ironing board!

Go Nutrition protein

 Go Nutrition offered to send me a product from their range and I went for the Go Whey Protein 80 in vanilla ice cream. I always use whey protein because I find it goes down quite easily and the nutritional values for this protein are pretty spot on for what I look for in protein. They have some amazing sounding flavours, I would’ve loved the maple pancake flavour but I went for vanilla because I can use it easily in baking.

Pink Smart shake

My friend Emma posted a picture of her neon pink Smart Shake protein shaker and I instantly knew I had to get one. My current shaker is awful, it doesn’t blend well and it leaks everywhere but Smart Shake’s have great reviews, and it’s bright pink, so the fact I got new protein meant I had to get a new shaker right? I also got some bright pink Kinesiology tape. This has been recommend to me by other runners to help with the pains I get in my IT band, I need to practise my taping technique but hopefully this will help me avoid too much pain at the Brighton half marathon.

Brighton Half Marathon

Race for life

And lastly we have some race numbers! The top one is my Brighton half number which I was so excited to receive, the fact that I’m in the pink group makes me so happy! Pink just means I’m aiming to finish in the 2:15-2:30 mark. Getting my race number definitely makes things feel a lot more real!
The second number I got was my Race for Life number. I am running this with my mum and it’s not until July, but I’m very excited to be number 8!

That is everything I think, and hopefully I won’t be doing another one of these posts for a while because I am meant to be saving for Japan! Although I’m sure there will be a few hiccups…

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