Review – Go Nutrition Go Whey Protein 80

GoNutrition Go Whey Protein 80

The aerial and Crossfit classes I take are very intense on my muscles, so to help me with recovery I always drink a protein shake after taking a class. I used to use MyProtein whey to make my shakes, so when I was contacted by GoNutrition, the new business set up by the founder of MyProtein and was asked if I wanted to try out their protein I jumped on the chance.

I have been trying out the Go Whey Protein 80 in the flavour vanilla ice cream. I personally like whey as I find it makes a great tasting shake, some proteins powders, pea protein I’m looking at you! do not go down so smoothly… With 19.5g of protein, 1.2g of carbs and 96 calories per serving it’s very easy to fit into my diet requirements. I also find whey quite good for cooking with (protein pancakes!) which is also why I went for the vanilla flavour because it is so versatile.

The protein itself blends really well, no choking on lumps of unmixed powder! It actually tastes really good too, this is definitely the nicest tasting vanilla protein I’ve tried, some vanilla protein shakes just taste like you are drinking sugar water or are very artificial tasting, but this shake actually tastes quite creamy and vanillary without feeling like you are downing a shake full of chemicals.

The protein also comes in lots of other delicious sounding flavours that I would love to try such as chocolate peppermint snaps and maple syrup & pancakes, yum! At just £9.99 for 500g this really is a great tasting affordable shake that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a protein to help them with recovery.