Trying out spinning at H2

My first time trying spinning was at Boom Cycle in Holborn, and much to my surprise I instantly fell in love, unfortunately at £16 a session it’s just a bit out of my price league which is when my quest to find a suitable alternative started and how I found H2.

H2 sohoH2 is only around the corner from where I work which is very convenient, and at only £12 a session it’s a bit more suited to my budget.

Unfortunately I think trying out a Boom class has ruined spinning for me because I can’t help but compare any class to theirs, and nothing seems to come close.

The class was fine and the instructor was good, but unlike at Boom where you are in a closed off dark room, this class takes place in a studio that is dimly lit with a glass partition that looks into the rest of the building so people can see your lovely sweaty red face as they walk by.

The bikes also don’t have any digital displays so you can’t see your RPM. I think this meant I didn’t push myself as hard and I didn’t know how fast or slow I should be going, in Boom’s class the instructor tells you what sort of RPM you should be aiming for as all the bikes there have digital displays. The studio does however allow you to hook up your heart rate monitor so you can see on a screen at the front of the studio your heart rate, this is a cool feature but depending on your personally it can be a good or a bad thing, I like to compete against myself, no one else so I can sometimes find things like this discouraging.

I just didn’t enjoy this class as much as the Boom one and it didn’t feel like I worked out as hard. Being super picky now but I also didn’t enjoy the music that much, it wasn’t as motivating, but then what’s motivating to me might not to be others.

Before the spin class I was greeted by a very lovely receptionist who gave me a locker pass. The changing facility’s are great and very clean, however half of the lockers don’t work and I had to go outside to ask the receptionist, a different one to the one I originally dealt with to help me and she didn’t seem all that happy about it. I also asked this same receptionist after the class if we could talk about membership options and she told me that all the information is online and that’s how you join, I appreciate everything is online but clearly I wanted to ask a few questions and this comment confirmed that I definitely won’t be coming back.

H2 itself is a pretty cool place. If you cycle to work you can keep your bike locked up here during the day and it’s only accessible to members and there is CCTV monitoring at all time. There are also the shower facilities that I mentioned earlier so you can lock up your bike and freshen up. As well as the spin studio there is also a gym that looked pretty well equipped. H2 spin classes are absolutely fine and fairly priced, but it just wasn’t a stand out class for me.