Yoga Series – March issue of Om Yoga Magazine

I’ve been checking out Om Yoga magazine as part of my yoga month and I have been very pleasantly surprised by it. Before reading it I was a bit apprenhisive that it would have a lot in it about the meditation side of yoga, which is not my favourite, however I’ve found it to be a interesting read with interviews with a lot of fascinating people, information that is new to me and lots of great poses/sequences.

In particular I really enjoyed the heart opening poses. I work at a office job and although I try to be aware of my posture, I can’t help but slump over the computer at times making my already incredibly tight shoulders tighter.

This sequence is very easy to follow, even for a beginner like me, the moves are all explained clearly as well as how long to hold them for and my back, chest and shoulders all feel great after carrying out this series of poses.

What is your favourite pose to open up your shoulders?

yoga back postures