Yoga Series – Trying Rocket Yoga at Frame Shoreditch

For my first yoga class I think I jumped a bit too far in the deep end by trying out rocket yoga at Frame shoreditch. My theory was that because rocket yoga is done at a quicker speed than I wouldn’t get bored (I’d made the horrible assumption that yoga wouldn’t be for me and I would get bored) because we would be constantly moving, which was a stupid mistake on my behalf and nearly put me off taking another yoga class because I had found it so hard.

The class itself would be great for anyone but a first timer, the instructor was very clear with her instructions, and you could tell from the way she taught that she is a big believer of the yoga lifestyle.
There was plenty of variations given to make the pose harder if you are more advanced and like the name rocket yoga suggests it moved along at a great pace.

I’m a fan of Frame classes in general because they are so well run and professional, this class is no exception with enough room for everyone to carry out the moves comfortably (I hear horror stories of studios trying to cram too many people in one spaces and bums being touched) and the room was gently heated which helped add to the relaxing feel of the class and helps make the muscles more flexible.

So if I had such to hard time you may be wondering why I will be going back? Well it’s because the girls in the class were in such amazing shape, casually throwing shapes in handstands and forearm stands and just sitting in the splits like they were sitting in a chair. The girls looked incredible and I think yoga would greatly aid my aerial work so I will persist with yoga, just next time I will make sure to try a beginners class first!


A bad attempt at some hand balance.