Yoga Series – Wishlist

As I’ve been practising yoga more I’ve developed bit of a wish list of things I would like to buy, some necessary, some not so much but I thought I would share what I am lusting after with you.



1. Carya 3/4 length yoga pants from Sweaty Betty. I have a pair of plain black yoga pants in this style from Sweaty Betty and I love them, they are so comfortable and I like the harem style of them. I love the pattern on this pair and they are 3/4 length so great for as the weather warms up.

2. Yoga Mad yoga blocks. My flexibility is pretty poor so I’ve found myself reaching for the yoga blocks in classes to help me with some of the poses so I think it’s  good idea for me to get a set for at home use.

3. Beverly Bowtie yoga bag from O Gorgeous. Whilst the classes I’ve been to always offer yoga matts, they always smell of feet so I prefer to use my own one. This is the cutest yoga mat bag I’ve come across and it looks like it has enough room to fit my yoga clothes in too so perfect to take to work with me.

4. Maya Top from Mika Yoga Wear. I love a pretty sports bra and the floral pattern on this one instantly grabbed my eye. Mika is a brand that really appeals to me as a lot of my pole dancer friends swear by their products so I would get plenty of wear out of this top.

5. Unicorn Wrangler leggings by Teeki Clothing. Unicorn leggings suitable to wear to yoga, do I really need to say more?! Teeki have some of the coolest prints.

6. Yoga Matters yoga strap. Similar to the yoga blocks, these would help me with certain moves at home where my lack flexibility means I need a bit of extra help, plus it’s purple!

So they are my top picks for the moment, do you have any other recommendations for me? I think the Unicorn leggings are first to buy on my list….