Yoga Series – Trying Happy Hour Yoga at Frame

So after my first disastrous yoga class that you can read about here, I was very apprehensive about trying my second yoga class, Happy Hour Yoga at Frame, but after reading the description a thousand times it said that it was safe for beginners and it sounded like a great class, perfect to unwind after a hard week at work and reenergise yourself in time for the weekend, and by the time the class rolled round I was more than ready to unwind after one of ‘those weeks’.

This time before the class started I introduced myself to the instructor and told her how I was new to yoga which was a good idea as she often came over to me to correct my position, especially my downwards dog which I had been really struggling with to hold for more than 10 seconds, but after being corrected it became a lot easier, now I can hold it for 15 seconds!

The instructor also corrected everyone else’s poses too which made a nice change from the rocket yoga class I had taken where the instructor just stayed at the front of the class. It seems like a lot of the people were regulars in the class as before hand they had chatted together like friends and the instructor knew when they should be pushing themselves with trying the harder variation.

The class moved at a great pace and was quite core focused at the start which is great for me as it’s a area I need to work on. It was challenging but also very enjoyable as the atmosphere just seemed a little bit more relaxed too, when the instructor tell you that if you need to giggle you can, and if you have to fart because it’s been a long week we all understand it really helped us all unwind.

I also thought the instructor was great too, she was so warm and welcoming, one of those people you instantly like. Her instructions were clear and she led the class well with plenty of variation for those more experienced, and as I mentioned she was very hands on so I felt I learnt a lot in the class, unfortunatly it was the last happy hour yoga class she was teaching at Frame!

I will definitely be taking this class again, it felt like the perfect way to unwind after a hard week at work and it was challenging without being too hard. I left the class feeling very happy and serene, a feeling I can’t wait to recreate again.

My awful awful bridge attempt

My awful awful bridge attempt