Yoga Series – April Issue of Om Yoga Magazine

Whilst dealing with the worst of the tube strikes today I was very grateful to have the April issue of Om Yoga Magazine to read on my phone (yay technology) and try to distract myself from the sweaty smelly hell journey I was taking.

There are a couple of bits in this months magazine that I have really enjoyed and was very excited to see them in the magazine so I thought I would share them with you.


First up, they have the preparation moves for getting into a chest stand and how to actually get into a chest stand! I was so excited when I saw this as chest stands have been popping up a lot recently on the flexy accounts I follow on Instagram and I always admired them but have never really been sure how to get into it or prepare for it. I can’t wait to give this a go for myself, although I can imagine it will take me a long time to get the final pose.


The second thing in the magazine that got me really excited was reading about Teeki Yoga pants. I featured them on my yoga wishlist after seeing them in the magazine, and I’m so glad Om Yoga Magazine featured them! I’m a massive fan of patterned leggings or anything that is a bit bright or slightly different from normal workout clothing so obviously these instantly appealed to me (unicorns anyone?). It was also interesting to read that these are made from recycled plastic bottles, which in my mind meant that by buying them I would actually be doing good for the planet…

I’ve really been enjoying reading Om Yoga Magazine at home and perfecting certain moves before class, I’ve especially been enjoying reading it on my iPad because the magazine is interactive so you can see videos of certain poses, this pleases the inner child in me who just wants to touch everything.

Have you check out Om Yoga Magazine yet?

OM Yoga Magazine