Looking good on race day

There are a lot of women’s only races coming up soon, with Nike’s We Own the Night, Race For Life happening all across the country and Women’s Running 10k series. Now I don’t know about you, but when I know there are big groups of women around it does encourage to make more of an effort with the way I look so here are my tips for looking good on race day, despite the beetroot red face that is dripping with sweat!

photo 2

Make Up

Personally I don’t recommend wearing much make up at all on race day, you will be getting sweaty so it will just end up sliding off your face. It’s also terrible for your skin because your pores open more when you are running and if they are blocked with make up, hello blackheads!
There are a couple of products I do wear though just to make me look a little less like a running corpse. First up is mascara, my favourite one is the Max Factor Masterpiece Max one, although I would recommend getting the waterproof version for race day so you don’t end up with panda eyes.
The second product I recommend is a nice tinted lip balm. I love this one by Korres as it really stops my lips drying out during the race and ending up looking like a cats bum. I would suggest trying your tinted lip balm before race day though, if your lip balm is too pigmented you may end up with some gorgeous smear marks on your cheeks.

photo 1


I love a bit of nail art on race day, I think it’s a great way to express yourself. I like to keep mine themed, for the MoRun I did little moustaches on my nails, it was simple and easy to do but it made me smile every time I looked at them.
If you are not a fan of nail art a simple plain colour always looks great too, especially if it matches the race colours (this years we own the night colour is a gorgeous turquoise-y colour) or even a pretty French manicure goes well with everything.



For hair I have two rules, it has to be off my neck and off my forehead to avoid making me even hotter than I already am when running. Normally this just involves scraping my hair back into a messy bun, but sometimes I go all out at races and put it into a high ponytail with a glittery Bic Band that matches my race day outfit. You can get super creative though and craft some really gorgeous plaited styles that are cute and practical.



Lastly we have probably the most important component, what you will actually be wearing on race day! Anything goes, just make sure you have tested it out before race day as you don’t want any unwelcome chaffing.
Check out previous years pictures of the race so you can get a feel for what people wear to the race, for example at last years We Own the Night most of the girls were wearing the technical tee that was provided, so I will be doing that and pairing them with my favourite running tights and for Race For Life pretty much everyone wears pink and a lot of people do it in fancy dress, the first year I did it I was wearing all black running clothes and felt a bit out of place.

Watch out for the photographer!

I have learnt this lesson the hard way but if you know there is going to be official race day photos, keep a eye out for the photographer and always try to manage a smile. I’ve always felt a bit silly trying to force a smile on my face and look at the camera to get a decent race day photo, but if I don’t I end up with ones looking up my nostrils or where my face looks like it’s twisted in so much pain that I might keel over and die, not the memories I want to be keeping from the race!

So these are my tips for looking good on race day, although everyone is different so these might be of no use to you at all! Let me know what you like to do on race day to look/feel good.