Review – Tassimo Beverage Maker

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I like coffee, can you tell? Because of this love for coffee when my Nan offered me her Tassimo because it wasn’t getting enough use I jumped on the chance, especially as Costa have pods for the machine!

If you haven’t heard of Tassimo before it is a hot beverage maker that uses special pods (T-Disks) to make a hot drink. It works by scanning the bar code on the disk to insure the correct process is followed each time so you end up with the perfect tasting drink.

I would definitely recommend reading the manual before hand, I didn’t and ended up with a plasticy tasting drink. Before using the machine you have to use the special cleaning disk five times to make sure the machine is all spick and span before making your drink, you only have to do this process once though when you first get the machine.

You fill up the detachable water tank with tap water and pop it onto the unit so it doesn’t need to be plumbed into any pipes which is also very convenient.

The Tassimo itself is quite sleek looking, my one is black and silver and fits in with our kitchen very well, I think there are a few other colours available but not many. Space wise, I would say it would take up the same amount of counter space as a toaster, although there are some models that are slightly slimmer than the one I have.

Tassimo review costa caramel latte

Making a cup of coffee is very quick and easy, you just place the T-disk inside the machine and press the button. To make a latte you use two different T-disks so once the first one is done the light on the machine will flash orange so you know it’s time to change the pods over, it’s super simple and the entire process is quicker than the time it takes to boil the kettle.

So far I’ve tried the Costa Caramel Latte which I adore and the Cadbury’s hot chocolate which is very nice. I really want to try the Chai Latte but it seems to be sold out everywhere. They have a wide variety of tea and coffee disks which is great, although not as much as the American K Cup system which I’m very jealous of.

I’m so pleased with the Tassimo and think it’s worth every penny. I am in love with the Costa Caramel Latte, it tastes so good and will save me some money and time on trips to Costa. I’ve also got a set of the costa syrups so I can use the normal Latte pods to make my own flavoured lattes.

The one criticism I have about the Tassimo is that the drinks are the equivalent to a coffee shop small and to buy the disks themselves is quite expensive (although it’s still a lot cheaper than actually going to Costa), there is quite often offers on though, at the moment Tesco has 3 packs for £10 so I’ve made sure to stock up.

cheap Tassimo coffee maker

The model I have is the Tassimo Fielia which is £79.99 on Amazon at the moment, but the Tassimo Vivy is the cheapest I have found at £45 and it comes in black and white. When you first purchase a Tassimo you can register it and you get a £20 voucher to spend in the Tassimo shop to help get you started.

I seriously love my Tassimo, it’s so quick and easy to use and makes a delicious tasting coffee every time with minimal effort. If you know someone who is a coffee fan, especially a Costa one this would make a perfect gift!