Race Report – We Own the Night

On Saturday I joined 10,000 awesome women to run in the Nike We Own the Night race. Despite the awful weather, running badly and being in agony because of a back injury this was my favourite race I have ever run in.

ImageAs soon as you enter the race village you can see a lot of money has been pumped into the event with various tents like the stretching tent and Elle tent set up and plenty of food and drinks vans ready to serve hungry runners and spectators.

ImagePre race I managed to grab myself some Metcalfe popcorn which is my favourite and some Whey Hey ice cream. I tried their new push pops in coconut flavour. The push pops were being debuted at the event so I was very excited to try it out and for a protein product, it wasn’t that bad!

After an hour of strolling around the village it was time for the warm up. This is the best pre-race warm up I’ve seen and it was a lot of fun too, especially when they played Beyonce’s Run the World.

ImageBefore I knew it it was time for the race. I was in the last pen and I felt like we had to wait quite a while before we could start, this would’ve been fine but I was freezing and could feel the cold making my back stiffen up already.

When we finally got going the race was great. The course was obviously crowded but not enough so that you couldn’t move at the pace you wanted to, even right at the start line there wasn’t too much congestion.

I really struggled to get into the race, this is the furthest distance I have run since the Brighton half marathon in February, I also hadn’t ran for 3 weeks prior to the race and hadn’t worked out at all the week before the race because of the back injury I was suffering (still am!) with. I found myself getting a horrible stitch at 3km that kept moving from my stomach to my lungs so I disappointingly had to keep slowing down to a walk for parts between the 3km and 4km mark.

ImageThe crowd support was amazing and really helped keep my spirits lifted. Just after the 4km mark the stitch had eased enough and I felt like I could jog the rest of the course, I just had to take things very slowly. I was feeling great and my head was in the game from this point on, until about the 7km when the back injury decided to let me know it was back and from this point on it was pretty painful to run, but I did it, I completed the course without having to drop to a walk again and I didn’t get a personal worst so I couldn’t be happier!

On the course there were plenty of colourful flashing lights, live music and even pretty light up flower displays, not to mention the fantastic crowd support. Victoria Park itself is also very picturesque and best of all it’s flat making this a great race to get a personal best at.

ImageAfter picking up my goodie bag and beautiful finishers necklace I tried to seek out the prosecco i had seen some people drinking but couldn’t find out where they had got it. It wasn’t until making the very unpleasant cold trip home that I found a drinks token in the goodie bag, if only they had said to look for it at the finish line!

The whole atmosphere at this race was absolutely brilliant and definitely spurred me on. Despite being in pain and not running well I had so much fun at this race, it really reminded me why I love running so much. I finished with a time of 1 hour, 7 minutes and 25 seconds and I can’t wait to come back next year to smash that time.