Music Monday’s – The Songs I Hate to Love

For this weeks Music Monday I’m going to share with you the songs that I am slightly embarrassed to admit having on my playlist. Rihanna – Pour It Up The video to this… Continue reading

Half Marathon Training – Week 3

Another week where I aim for four runs and only end up with three. I had a run planned for Sunday, but by the end of my show rehearsals I felt way too… Continue reading

Review – BIC Bands

If you saw my through the postbox post you may have seen that I finally got myself some very gorgeous BIC bands. For those of you who haven’t heard of BIC Bands, they are… Continue reading

Half Marathon Training – Week 2

Here we have it, week two of my half marathon training! I’ve decided to add in what other workouts I do in the week as well as an attempt to look less lazy…… Continue reading

Music Monday’s – Dirty Grunger Edition

I have seen this type of post on a lot of different blogs, so like the lemming I am, I thought it would be fun to give it a go. Each Monday I… Continue reading

Half Marathon Training – Week 1

I’m going to post weekly my half marathon training progress. I think it will be lovely to read back in future years when I’ve got 600 marathons under my belt (yeah right!) to… Continue reading

Through the Postbox

One thing I really enjoy seeing on other blogs is what they have purchased or received in the post, although it normally ends up making me want to purchase stuff I don’t need…… Continue reading

I’ve Entered My First Half Marathon!

Having barely conquered the 10km distance (I’ve run it once), I thought it would be a brilliant idea to sign up for a half marathon. I did a little bit of research over… Continue reading

I ran my first 10k!

    On Saturday I managed to run my first 10km and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. I know 10k isn’t a lot to many runners, but considering 6 months ago I… Continue reading

I hate running in the morning/tips for running in the morning

I absolutely detest early morning runs. I know some people love the whole getting up at 5:30am and working out thing, running off endorphine highs for the rest of the day and feeling… Continue reading